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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wickedly Confused.........

That's right, confused. I am a fairly intelligent, probably above average, girl. I have common sense. I can follow in-depth conversations. I'm politically savvy. I can read, write, add, subtract, hell, I even know basic shapes. ;)

Today I was hit with one that caught me offguard, while talking to a friend, she suddenly announced that she had to go because her cybersex buddy had just logged on. Uhhhhh, hello, didn't you just, in essence, tell me you have to go masturbate??!! Mind you, I don't have a hang up about masturbation, but I rarely announce my intention to do so, nor do I require online assistance.

Upon further thought, this has left me puzzled on several levels. Cybersex buddy. How does that relationship develop? It is very modern, I would say. Hey, I don't want all the spam you get from porn sites, you don't want all the charges you have to pay, let's just help each other out here? Hmmmm. I like playing chess with you, you like playing chess with me, let's skype and pretend we're doing it?

What if you don't skype, just typing, aren't you risking pretend sex with a 90 year old man/woman, or worse, a 15 year old, well read boy/girl? OMG!!! I mean, really, I get the whole interactive porn aspect, I get the need for sexual stimulation, I'm all for it. I don't even mind knowing you do it. Just hoping I don't see you on the news because some 15 year old boys mom finally decided to look at his computer and found out he was having cybersex with a 30 something woman in another state, you cougar you. LOL

All so wickedly dangerous............


Wicked Pen said...

i often wonder the same thing. could be your grandfather on the other end. EW


Jaime said...

Dude, that totally happened to a girl I know, and she was a school teacher. Needless to say she isn't anymore. And now ERRBODY knows what she does at her computer. Yuckster.