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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Foundation of Your Wicked Nature

Strip off your accouterments and stand naked before yourself. *ahem* I meant that figuratively, not literally. I mean, you can break it down to the body issues you may or may not have as well, but those are so last decade and so fucking superficial, I was hoping you would be a little more high minded than that today.

In your 20's? If so, you probably don't have the job of your dreams, but that's okay, it's not quite time for that yet. You live in a NOW society, but sometimes the whole of our society can be dead fucking wrong, this is one of those instances. You will, in most cases, actually need to work hard to attain that job. Frankly, often, that goal will be a moving target, you will change your mind numerous times as to what your dream job is, which is perfectly fine. It's your life. No one else, including your mommy and daddy, get to to tell you what you want, so tell them all to take a fly fucking leap and pursue your dream. If you do have your dream job and you are in your 20's, EVERYONE HATES YOU! They assume someone bought it for you or you sucked a cock to get it(this applies for men and women), even your best friends resent the fuck out of you. Quit now and start over under a new name. (just kidding, good for you, cocksucker) Unless you are one of those rare and extremely unusual 20somethings, your relationship status is static, often tumultuous, which is also perfectly fine. You are where you should be in the Wicked Foundational building process. ;) If you matured at a rapid pace and have found a partner suited to your tastes, good for you, don't be stupid, don't be given to jealousy or mistrust, that is not a wicked trait and will wreck a relationship. If this is the person you see yourself doing it with in rocking chairs (I will send diagrams upon request) then this is a tender time in the relationship.

Are you in your 30's? HAHAHAHA!! This is me laughing at you, with you, for you. What the fuck?! Yeah, so, nothing is what it was supposed to be. Weren't we all supposed to be living our dream at this point? Dream job, dream house, dream relationship, the whole fucking thing. Fuck you everybody for that clusterfuck!! I live in Kentucky and wasn't even given the option of them using the KY before they broke that one off in my ass. Raise your hand if you have been divorced at least once? Show of hands for single parenting? How about raising them up for my job sucks? Oh, and "I am back in school getting a different degree than my original chosen career path"? Let's not forget the newly unemployed, go ahead, raise them up high.... Yeah, so here we are, the 30's. That age where parents seemed so old and wise to us as children. Now playing video games and sitting around in front of our laptops until all hours of the night.(guilty, not of the video game thing, but I can list a dozen 30something guys who have a lot invested in their PS3 systems) Getting our tattoos and just wondering why none of it went like we thought it would. Ummm, because life happens. Who fucking knows. We get up in the morning, dress ourselves and smile at the day and keep going. Or, flip off the chirping bird and keep going, all depends on how your mood is that morning, point is, it's all just a stage in time, it will pass.

In your 40's? LMAO sorry, but, umm, see 30's, only try a little harder not get depressed. It really is okay.

In your 50's? Here's the deal, my parents are in their mid to late fifties and they still struggle, with the loss of their parents, most recently. Helping my brother out through his divorce, with helping out and worrying about their daughter when she was sick, so, word to the wise for all of you parents who are younger, this shit never ends, our kids will drive us batshit crazy for the duration of our lives. Then there is my aunt, who had a husband pass away after over 20 years of marriage, then her next relationship was with a man who cheated on her. So, learn to deal with trials and tribulations while you are young, they will continue. I also know a guy in his 50's who is single,or was the last time we talked, in a transitional period of his life, I guess you would say, just as lost and uncertain as the 20somethings addressed in the earlier paragraph. Meaning, perhaps, maturity is never fully realized.

Building a wicked foundation isn't about your relationship with others, it is based on how you feel about yourself when you lay your head on that pillow at night. Regrets keep you awake at night, eat at your insides and create self doubt and uncertainty. Decisions are rarely laid out before us in black and white, life simply isn't that easy. It would be wonderful if it were, but it isn't. One of the beautiful things about life is decisions in our society are rarely permanent. Spouses are interchangeable. Unhappy with your career, go back to school. Is any of it easy? Don't be a simpleton, of course it's not fucking easy, the only thing easy in this life is mac & cheese (which tastes like overcooked bugs in your mouth) and whores. Is it worth it? That is a question only you can answer. In the end, a true wicked foundation is laid with the stone of a person who walks by a mirror and knows that they will go to bed that night dreaming of Jimmy Fallon, not the classes they wish they had enrolled in but didn't, or the guy they wish they had called back but didn't, or the job they should have applied for but didn't. Point, failing is sometimes the very best part of life, it pisses you off just enough to make you fight harder and prove to yourself, not someone else, that you are capable of that and much more! Then you are on the road to wicked deliciousness!!!


secret agent woman said...

I don't know- my 30's were pretty straightforward and according to plan. I had my babies, my marriage, my home, my career. It was my 40's where all hell broke loose. And yet I know myself better and am happier with myself, flaws and all, than I ever have been.

Wicked Pen said...

well, if failing makes you fight harder, I'm muhammed-fuckin-ali!

floatin like a butterfly and stingin like a bee bitches!


Wicked Shawn said...

Secret Agent- Seems 30's and 40's have almost becom a fluid moment, things solidify or fall apart during these 2 decades. It is also the truest time test of one's character, what seperates those who can and those who can't. A person who makes it to the other side and finds contentment and satisfaction with themselves and their situation is a definite CAN. Good for you, you Wicked one!!

Pen- Your fighting for all the right reasons, girl!!

Phoenixism said...

40s are definitely different from the 30s.

It wasn't until my 40s that I was finally able to sit back and take it all in.

Take it all in and realize my life wa s not an accident.

Elly Lou said...

Makes me think of one of my favorite lyrics of all time - "Forget regret or life is yours to miss."

Not that it doesn't still suck monkey balls when life is exploding. But all the really good stuff in life is terrifying.