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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wicked Girls........On A Weekender

So, tonight will be short and sweet, as I am about to do a quick pack and double check. Heading out for Nashville in the morning. Just a quick little weekend trip to the Music City *gag reflex* Hmmm, didn't know I had one of those. ;)

So, first let's examine the amusing nature of a group of people getting together and saying to themselves, taking Shawn to Nashville seems like a fun thing to do.

A) Wrangler jeans, not acceptable on anyone, EVER!!

I don't give a flying monkey fuck how famous you are or how well formed screaming 60 year old over made up country fans told you your ass is, not okay!

B) Cowboy hats, unless this is a costume party and you are mocking an old western actor, take that fucking thing off your head.

By the way, if you tip that thing my way and smile like that again, I really am going to pour my drink on your hat, it's not charming, it's fucking creeper style fake ass wanna be shit and I would much rather have a Flo Rida style playa come at me with some hard core game than your tip of the hat when it all ends with somebody trying to get in my pants, at least fake Flo Rida is coming at me straight. Fake ass cowboy sissy shit.

C) The only thing worse than bad popular country artists is bad country artists who aren't even popular yet. WOOHOO!! Poor fuckers.

Holy epiphany mother fuckers!! That's why they are wanting us to go. They go every year, they are bored with Nashville. I am this year's "liven things up a little" solution.

Well, I will pack the camera and laptop and try my best to document and not disappoint..........them or you. ;)


Anonymous said...

HeHeHe…..you should roll past the grande ol'opre blasting Marilyn Manson this is the new shit. You know we both would if i was with ya!

Or go into a honkie talk bar. go to the dj pay him $5 to play slipknot or some 7 Dust. HEHEHE I can think of lots of fun stuff to do.

Then afterwards hit up jack n da box and bring home like 10 sandwiches!


Paul said...

Ha I remember Wranglers were also called nut huggers

secret agent woman said...

I don't mind Wranglers and cowboy hats on genuine cowboys - people who work with horses and cows in, say, Texas or Oklahoma - but otherwise I have to agree. On the other hand, hey are being helpful to you by ruling themselves out in a very obvious way.

Have fun!