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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guest Post From My Friend The Dick

First, I would like to congratulate Shawn for being my lucky winner.

Suck it up Shawn… 15 minutes and all.

Next, I would like to tell Shawn to fuck off for picking the topic of the blog. What am I a 4th grader?


Don’t answer that.

Also…I would have written a guest blog if you would have asked. Muahahahahahahaha.

Evil laughing aside, I really didn’t know how to approach this topic.


I thought about it long ( 5 minutes tops) and hard (ha, he said hard) before starting this blog.

As you can tell, the 200 words may be filled with ranting. Hey, it’s my style and you can suck it.

So, I decided to follow the spirit of the title and tell Shawn what I really think. I will be quite honest and admit that I haven’t read all of Shawn’s blogs. I will… I just haven’t yet. However, I have a pretty good feeling about her. When I read her blog I hear a sassy voice (yeah I know… I always hear voices) and her stabbitude makes me laugh.

Also, she talks pretty candidly about sex.

If wicked girls knew….

That some guys like wicked girls. I like that my gf doesn’t take my shit. It is about time somebody won’t. One of my readers (and real life friend (gasp (shock (oh no, not this again (muahahahah (ahem)))))) thought that Jaime from A Cheeto Named Larry was my girlfriend (ah hell no). My real gf laughed and said, “Yeah, she wouldn’t take your shit either.”

That guys don’t always want to have sex. Just almost always.

Leaving your initials in your pubes is just wrong. Seriously, you need help.

And, to end this whole charade, speaking your mind is a valuable trait. However, I have absolutely no filter most times. I have found a freedom in this… and sometimes trouble. Also, this applies to actions as well. But… looking before you leap is lame.

There you are folks, my first ever forced guest blog. Your welcome.


NOTE from Wicked Shawn: My thanks to you for the guest blog. To my readers who aren't familiar with our guest, www.iamadick.squarespace.com , go check him out. Very funny stuff, funny in an angry, stabalicious kind of way.
Of course I have a few notes. Yes, you are like a fourth grader, just with a much bigger attitude. Were you not aware of this? Really??
Ask? Umm, hi, I'm Shawn, clearly you are not familiar with me, I like a challenge. Asking is for sissies and whiners. "Will you please do this for me?" Fuck that, I will take people down to get what I want, that's how we Wicked Girls roll. ;)
Of course you don't like sex ALL the time, when would you eat????
Love that you like your gf not putting up with your shit, makes me almost take back fourth grader comment.
Again, thank you.


Wicked Pen said...

bravo. the 5 minutes you thought about it paid off.


Elly Lou said...

There's peanut butter in my chocolate! Someone crossed the streams...

Paul Wynn said...

Yeah, this looks like a Iamadick blog.. great stuff, however not your style I don't think Wicked

Wicked Shawn said...

Asking him to have the same flair that I have would have been too much, juat asked if he could please the Wicked readers. ;)

mepsipax said...

I am not wicked. I am evil (with a b). However, when I write a blog it is because I want to be a dick, not wicked. That's what we have Shawn for.