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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wicked Girls.......Hate Waiting

Fucked up router has forced me into the dungeon,aka my basement, so no real post tonight.

Other than to say that as I post this I am precariously balancing laptop on leg, cellphone to ear on shoulder while listening to the same fucking Geek Squad commercials over and over. Do they want me to be nice to the poor unsuspecting guy in India who is going to politely answer my call and pretend to give a rat's ass about my router issue? Then they shouldn't leave me on fucking hold for 20 minutes and make me listen to this shit the whole time. OMG, gimme something, anything.

Yes, I'm still typing, yes, that means I'm still on hold. For the record, if you want something done right, you should have someone else do it. According to the recording I have now heard approximately 11 times. Really asshats?? I want my fucking router to work......I want you to magically make it happen......ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE!!!!!

The Geek Squad can remove viruses, worms and various other nasty little bits from your computer, now if only the bastards could pick up the phone. At this point I am actually hoping one of these little fuckers tells me I need to bring it in so I can look som........


Paul Wynn said...

Ah Geek Squad.. you actually need those clowns or are they just for eye candy on a lonely night? Just kidding!

Horns420 said...

Don't forget that the unsuspecting little guy in India will pretend his name is "Joe" or "Steve" as if he is in the USA. I HATE that. I always ask them to repeat their name several times just to see if they will slip up. LOL!

Wicked Pen said...

Sometimes, when I hear their voice, I just hang up.
-oh, and i probably could have helped you out. i have tech skills ya know.

Wicked Shawn said...

Ya know, Paul, I did a geek once.....ummm, yeah, guess that says it all, huh?