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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wicked Girls.....Like The Lights On...Cue The Music

While reading through some things today I crossed a mental bridge, one that will create troubled waters for some, no doubt. Musical tastes during sex. Music that really gets the juices flowing *wicked grin*. If your mind has, for some godforsaken reason tuned in to a Marvin Gaye or Joe Cocker station, you should probably just check out some of my old blogs, today's will frighten, even potentially scar you. First, let me set the stage for you, we own a house, so our music can be as loud as we want it and the neighbors can't hear a thing. We have a massive stereo system so our music really can be as loud as we want it. (love of my life prides himself on this, setting speakers in strategic spots outside at Halloween scaring the fuckall out of small trick or treaters) Love of my life also shares my love of varied types of music, not opting for the "let's continue to listen to the same stuff we listened to when we were in high school throughout our entire adulthood" mentality.

All of these facts being presented, I will also warn you about something else, we do not watch music videos while having sex, porn on occasion, yes, but not music videos, with that in mind, some of these videos, should be played with your eyes closed. Just sayin!

A good warm up song is always nice, something kind of easy and sexy, not hard and heavy, those come much later....

I like this one, I realize he is a huge turn off to virtually every man alive, but, the song has a certain enticing feel to it, "show me what's your favorite trick that you want me to do......" Good way to start heating things up.

Of course, being totally aware that I have just as many wicked boys ;) reading, plus, these girls, all of them, are smoking hot and this song, everything about it, is just amped up musical sexxxx

Mmmmmmhmmmm, stop telling me and start showing me what you got already. Damn! That moves us on to the slightly less light hearted stuff.

I like the darker sound of this, the vocals are light but the music and words are dark, it feels sexy in a strange way....

Next is an obvious choice, but sometimes, things are obvious because they belong. Trent's voice is super sexy, the words of this song are raw and sexual in nature, the music is hard, it is blatant, bold, I relate.

Transistion straight into another oldie but goodie.......

"I don't know you're fucking name, so what let's fuck"....Jonathon, you're so poetic.

Next, by now things should be moving well enough that this is merely background noise, barely noticed.....

Mmmmm, clearly he likes the naughty girls. Tsk, tsk.

There is a naughty girl theme here ;) Now it's time to wind things down. My idea of wind down music? Oh I know you are dying to know. John Mayer? Michael Murphy? *giggle*

I love Marilyn! Oh yes, that's music that can help me drift away.

Got a favorite? A must have on those cold nights? Don't be shy?


Miss Spoken said...

I like a little of "This Love" by Pantera (only because I believe a headlock is in fact foreplay)

Wicked Shawn said...

Oh myyy, that is a good choice...not to mention Phil is un-fucking-believably hot! He can put me in any kind of lock he wants. ;)

Elly Lou said...

A music video with JT should NEVER be watched with your eyes clothes. I swear that man makes me ooze. He's yummy, brilliant, AND funny - my three favorite things.

How about Massive Attack's Inertia Creeps?

secret agent woman said...

Given that my son plays music ALL the time, it might be like an anti-sex thing for me.

Paul said...

Ciara, sometimes she looks cool then sometimes it's like yeah I can see the dude in her.. I dunno just a thought.

Wicked Shawn said...

Elly- love the song, but I get so distracted by my need to have the chair in that video I forget to listen and focus. ;)

Oh my, I wouldn't know what to do if I tuned out all of the things my kids ruined for me when it comes to sex. Of course, on the other hand, they would never sit on the sofa, eat in our dining room, sit on my countertops, take a shower, sit in my car...guess it's a two way street....lol

Paul, omg, that's so funny, I had never looked at her like that, after reading your comment I watched a couple of vids, ummm, interesting.

Phoenixism said...

Fast and loud kills my mood.

I prefer the understated rhythmic African beat, persistent and erotic. Nothing accompanies the bedroom dance quite so well.

Sumthin' like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itwL5y0He-k

Wicked Shawn said...

Cold Shower- That's got serious heat potential ;)

secret agent woman said...

Ha ha! Yes, there are things my kids definitely don't need to know about me, and I'd hate for them to have gut-wrenching images about nearly every surface in their home!