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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wicked Girls Get Desperate, But Not Like THAT

I was talking with one of my not so wicked friends and she was telling me about some things going on in her life right now. As I was listening she actually used the word desperate. It stuck in my mind far after our conversation had ended. I thought about the last time I was truly desperate for something, or felt desperation in the way she was feeling it at this point in her life. She had used it in a way that made me feel sad and my heart reached out to her.(yes, I have one, it's just not touched by douchebags or "love when I can insert this non-word in a sentence" assclowns, random bitches and fuckups get no sympathy from me either)

My pondering made me realize that my feelings of desperation over the past several years were typically based on things such as desire to have some time alone, i.e., get the fuck away from me, I desperately want you out of my line of vision. Or a new pair of shoes,i.e., I would blow every man in that shoe department for those shoes I am so deperate to walk out of here wearing them. Sometimes I have a deep need to just have a night out with the girls, i.e., I give a fuck less how hard your day at work was I desperately need to get drunk, throw on some heels and makeup and lets go dance with men until they are so turned on they have to go circle jerk in the bathroom at the club, see you in 30 minutes. At other times it's a vacation with the love of my life, i.e., I desperately needed the trip we took a couple of years ago where we stayed in San Clemente and drove the PCH, went hot air ballooning and fucked like wild animals while watching the waves roll onto the beach.....mmmmmm, good times.

Point is, it hit me that none of the really wicked girls I know have ever shown signs of real desperation. Sure, we get worried or stressed. Fucking furious about things at times, no doubt, but desperate, not our scene. Why?

Simple, I realized, one of the key indicators of wicked girls is our absolute refusal to let anyone else control our destiny. It is by definition, OURS. Desperation stems from feeling a loss of control. I promise you, those who know me in real life could attest to this, there are lots of things going on in my life right now that I don't control the overall outcome of, but I am in total control of how I handle them, how I allow them to effect me and how I let them alter my life.

To all of you wicked girls in training, remember this; if you begin to feel a pang of desperation, in it's purest form, if you let it, it will control you. So, push it down, take control of it, conquer the situation, kick it's fucking ass and stomp it in the fucking head. If it lays in the floor crying and then tries to get back up, kick it again!!

In the end, you are your number one priority, I know this now, because as a mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, lover, friend you are no good to anyone if you aren't taking care of yourself.

Now you have a Wicked Assignment: Sometime between now and Monday, do one special thing for yourself then report back here in the comment section. Make it good and be true to yourself, don't cater to anyone but you.

Examples: yell at someone, get a massage, Skype cyber (LMAO see Wicked Confused post, Skype is officially only safe way to cyber), have too many drinks, skull fuck obnoxious guy at a party (just for you), have a slumber party with Neil Patrick Harris

Look forward to hearing what you did, I know exactly what I'm going to do, can't wait to share with ya'............


mepsipax said...

Oh dear gawds, I may have made a big mistake. Check my blog in the morning and you will know what I mean... be gentle. Also, wow you have gotten your groove back... something I did just for me... well it sounds cheesy but I am going to write a blog about a school play and it is going to be brutal... yeah that feels good. Laters

Wicked Pen said...

my tri-weekly pedi... treated myself to a mani this time. :-) alone. chillin. yummmm


mo.stoneskin said...

That bottom is remarkably flat. Just had to say that. Nice boot though.

Elly Lou said...

I assure you, if I COULD have a slumber party with NPH I totally WOULD. I think instead I'll just drink a bottle of wine all by myself while singing along to Dr. Horrible. Maybe I'll wear a tiara, too. Man, can I dream big or what?

Paul Wynn said...

LOL, I really enjoy your blog and comments.. Sassy girls are awesome!

Sadly my shoes are not designers.. I'm going to assume yours are... and you drive a fancy car right... I'm gonna guess a hyundai?

Wicked Shawn said...

Yeah meps, you fucked up. ;)

Pen, it has to be something AFTER you read it. Damn girlfriend, do I have to come hold your fuckin hand??

Mo, going to take some pix of a few of my shoes this week and upload to the site, had some requests and suggestions, you can tell me what ya' think. :)

Elly, if he shows up at derby this year, I will have the crossfit boys kidnap him and drive him to 'boken for ya ;)

Paul, nothing feels quite like some delicious designer leather aurrounding, oh wait, yeah, I tske that back.........but designer shoes are really awesome too!! As for the car, Mitubishi, sportscar.

Wicked Pen said...

meh.. whatever bitch. it was the same day. point is.. i aint desperate, and i spoil myself.