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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wicked Girls...Yes, We Are Human Too

We are just more passionate about our state of humanity, or, well, less likely to hide that passion.

A fiery, all consuming passion

We love with a passion that we fearlessly show. We dislike with a passion that we also show without hesitation or fear. Some call it a lack of filtration. I'm human dumbfuck, not a water purification system, I have no filter. Others call it honesty. Uh, yeah. That's why so many people are uncomfortable with it. Before someone says, they have a medication for that, fuck you, not manic depressive. Just know that suppressing my feelings is unhealthy, plus, it encourages people to continue to act like assclowns (homage paid).

I have feelings. Imagine me, if you will, as a cellphone, I can receive texts(hurt feelings), MMS(anger), and phone calls(happiness). Unfortunately, there are only two options for a ring tone, so, hurt feelings and anger sound the same. You piss me off or hurt my feelings, it sounds the same. I will curse, threaten, hurt your feelings and tell you the things other people lie to you about. Apparently I am really wanting to watch Kill Bill again, because all this week I keep thinking about those fight scenes. I do love them. I can't help but thinking, wouldn't it be nice if there were no repercussions for going all Kill Bill on some of the dumbfucks we run into on a daily basis? It is what it is. Poor grammar but a very appropriate statement.

I love passionately, as well, something we don't talk about here very often.

Ok, this pic has little to do with love and more to do with passion, I just like it!!

Yes, yes, we have determined that I am passionate about sex. Which, trust me, I'm not backing off of that, but I love with equal fervor. Last night's blog was an example of my passionate love and defense of my children. I love family, friends and sometimes defenseless strangers with a passion, it is part of what makes a Wicked Girl. I have been with the love of my life for a while now and he is still, hands down, the love of my life. We will be doing it in rocking chairs after sending grandchildren off to school someday. (scar you with that mental image? I fucking hope so!!!!) Or until he turns 43. Hehehe I love him deeply, passionately and sometimes he probably wonders why he didn't just find some regular girl. Of course, then I smile at him and say something utterly fabulous and stunning and he remembers. Being a Wicked Girl is great, but even I can't imagine how wonderful it must be to get to live with one. ;)


Wicked Pen said...

in the rocking chair???? REALLY??? i'm scarred for life. thank you for planting that image in my head this early in the fucking morning. now, i have to think about it all day. YOU BITCH.


Elly Lou said...

Oh sadness. I put an expiration date on the poor boy. Now I feel mean.

Paul said...

That picture is passionate, intense.. some people would say being blind folded is passionate cuz all of your senses are heighten

Jaime said...

Well. It's a fact that men love crazy girls. Ok passionate. Passionate girls. Men don't love regular girls. They're boring and regular, so I'm sure your sweety never wonders why he's with you. However, he may wonder how sex in the rocking chair is going to work with all that osteoporosis though. So drink your milk. :)

Phoenixism said...

I absolutely hate my cell phone. If I didn't need to be available for my son, I would throw it out the car window. Cell phones are chains and mine has no "happiness" functions.

Wicked Shawn said...

Face it Paul, that picture is just plain fuckin' hot! That's why I chose it. :)

Get over yourself Pen. I hate to think about the things you picture us doing without my help.

Elly, he has no expiration date, not really. Mine and thine.

Jaime, didn't say we weren't practicing. ;)

Wicked Shawn said...

Pheonixism, a cell with no "happiness" function? I thought all cells had a vibrate setting.....hhmmmm, damn Nokia! :(