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Saturday, February 20, 2010

urbandictionary.com Is the Ruin of Intelligent Conversation

I admit freely from the jump that I began the downhill slide our conversation took this evening when friends came over. But WOW! Once it began, it was like an avalanche of the most unspeakably unpleasant things.

I am Wicked, but I have boundaries people, oh my damn! Stop trying to force me to take upon myself mental images that no sexually adventurous, yet sane human being should ever be forced to accidentally encounter. A random moment of humor where someone enlightens you about a disgusting act is one thing, but even I have my limits. I am clearly not cut out for the men's locker room. I have also determined beyond a shadow of a doubt, Love of my Life is not either. Love of my Life shall forever be equally as offended and disgusted by the group discussion of really offensive acts.

Please don't get confused here. We are not discussing bondage, sex toys, threesomes, finding the magic p spot, shaved or waxed, anal, oral, no, this is not your average porn talk by any means. I am pretty sure this is the stuff you have to cross at least one border to find on DVD. Or at least I really hope so.

I do know that urbandictionary.com is blocked at the schools in KY. But do your kids have internet access on their phones? Does one of their friends? It only takes one.

Also, where the hell was I when this whole "Two Girls in One Cup" thing happened? I have never seen it, had never heard of it before tonight, and if you haven't, DO NOT LOOK FOR IT!!! I am telling you now, all I needed was half of a description and I stopped the person explaining and ended the topic. But not before finding out that this was apparently discussed on The Family Guy??!!! So, are your kids still immune?

So, game night has ended and I am sitting here left to wonder, if people were disgusted by the bondage world years ago,(mind you, that is an if, because from what I have read, bondage has been a practiced sexual art for centuries) will these sick (and yes, I am judging, and yes, I am TOTALLY comfortable with this judgement for a change) practices someday become more acceptable. If so, just please let it be when any children of mine are in the 70-80 age range and I am dead and gone.


Phoenixism said...

Each generation always thinks it's upstaging the previous.

All they really do is repackage the previous era's depravities.

I remember being cutting edge 17 and thinking I was thinking shit no one had thought before. Ha! It was only the old people who led me to believe that.

Wicked Shawn said...

Ugh! I don't know, I think that makes me more nauseated, that would mean at some point my parents, who were also always very sexually open probably sat around talking about some of this stuff with their friends and just, oh my, ick!!!!

Phoenixism said...

Of course they were.
Our parents were not saints.

They just had different ways of expressing their demonic :)

Anonymous said...

I am happily reading along in my censored part of the world!! I know there is absolutely no point trying to google it as it will be blocked... phew, I stay immune to horrors for one more day...

PS have you not had enough white wine yet? ;0))

secret agent woman said...

What has been seen (or heard) cannot be unseen (or unheard). There are things meant to be avoided.

A Vapid Blonde said...

My husband is fond of sending me the most horrific things...but then again I find it funny most times and yes totally disturbing and I don't have kids to worry about.

Wicked Pen said...

because i'm a fucking idiot, i had to look up what this 2 girls crap is about. no need to watch, the description was bad enough. wtf has happened to this world?