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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Mother Nature's Bitch

Mid-evening post. What is this? Yeah, this is me being snowed in and pissed the hell off about it. This is what my poor car looks like right now.


Since it isn't exactly a 4-wheel drive, snow plow worthy, make it anywhere no matter what kind of vehicle, here I am. So, you get a bonus today.

It also means I am in a bad mood.

I was called a "sex blogger" recently. I'm not. I considered it for all of a half an hour. Looked at some real sex blogs. Nope, it's official. That's not me. I have been assured, though, that if I chose to do so, I have the knowledge necessary to be a sex blogger. Ego fed. That's always nice.

As you can see from my poor little car, we have more than 1/2 inch of snow, so there was no school today, they have also called it off for tomorrow already. Joy. I love having my kids around. After they have been at school all day. I really like my alone time. When am I supposed to look at all of those sex blogs and internet porn??? The. Fuck.

I have an appointment with my neurologist tomorrow and I LOVE to fuck with him because, well, he's a neurologist so he has NO, I repeat, NO sense of humor. So, I think I am going to spend about 3 hours tonight gathering symptoms from several different neurological disorders completely unrelated to what is wrong with me or the possible side effects of my meds and start rattling them off tomorrow. Then, when he starts to freak out, just say, "Psych!" He will be confused, his head will hurt, then I will kindly offer him a Topomax, followed with a warning that he will lose his appetite and suffer from loss of concentration and occasional numbness in his hands and feet. HA! I crack myself up! Which is good, because the joke will be totally lost on him.

Of course, this entire plan will be shot if we get the extra snow and ice that is predicted and my snow covered car becomes buried completely. *sigh* Mother Nature is a bitch. Like a bitch who seems to be going through the change. I used to really love her. But now, much like my aunt, she just seems to constantly be wreaking havoc and making everyone miserable. We are all just waiting her out. Whore. Can't you have a hot flash or something. I am over your frigid ass.

Alright, well, I shall see you boys and girls at my normal insanely late time, because I don't sleep like normal people. Later..........


secret agent woman said...

Ooh, sorry about all that snow!

Sex blogger? Because you sometimes comment on sex That would make me one, too, I suppose.

Good luck with the visit to the neurologist.

Wicked Pen said...

wow. and we only got like... an inch. LOLOLOL could still see the grass even. on a more positive note... my friend in PA said they have 32 inches. :-) could be worse.


Phoenixism said...

Is that a Mazda 3? I love that color.

I ain't calling this a sex blog until you show me some tattoos.

Miss Spoken said...

You're not a sex blogger? I'm outta here ...

Wicked Shawn said...

SA- Thank you, it's routine maintenance, no big deal.

Pen- 7" here, more falling right now.

Cold Shower- *sigh* No, I did look at those, love those sexxxy lines, went with the Mitsubishi Eclipse instead. I do love it and yes, the color is beautiful, especially when it isn't covered in snow. :)

You want to see my tattoos? Hmmm

Spoken- Your just going to leave me, just like that. *rolls eyes* I bet you spit, too.