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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Room With a Wicked View

Why is it when you watch a porn video you see women with insanely large breasts and tiny waists, spindly legs, bare vaginas, lips that have usually been pumped full of collagen and nails entirely too long for anything other than, well, porn? But when you go to dinner with some friends and couples show up there are lots of normal women around the dining table. How did all these women, including yourself, ever land a guy? Clearly, these guys just settled for a pitiful substitute of their dream woman, right?

Every guy dreams of the porn star, right? She gives perfect blow jobs. She doesn't ask anyone to take out the trash. She touches herself at completely inappropriate times, which is a huge turn on. Obviously! She offers up her vagina and her ass to men and women indiscriminately. She is like a sexual toy who just leaks natural lubricant. What more could a guy want? Oh, and don't forget that she talks dirty, well, sort of. I mean, they aren't usually very convincing and they almost always look a little bored, but with those giant, perfectly shaped fake breasts, what man in his right mind is looking at her facial expression anyway?

Then, there is that perfectly shaped ass. Let's talk about that perfectly rounded porn star ass. Holy Hell, how badly would I love to have that perfect porn star ass. I mean, I have an ass. It's not giant, it's not tiny, but by no means is it that perfect porn star ass. Damn, to have THAT ass!! I am really beginning to think the only way to get that ass is to fuck for 12 hours a day. Don't get me wrong, I am willing to sacrifice and try that type of workout to attain that shape of ass. I envy that ass shape with everything in me.

But, back to my point, which is, how do the normal, or even slightly above average, but still below porn status, women of the world ever attain a man. Let's be honest, men in porn are sub standard almost as a standard. I've got 2 words for you to prove my point on this one. Ron Jeremy. What. The. Fuck. I wouldn't have done him with someone else's vagina. Come on now. But he got to fuck some of the hottest girl's alive at that time. As if! So, what gives. Men watch porn, women watch porn. Porn tells men that no matter how unattractive they are, ridiculously hot women will fuck them right and proper. How in the hell did they come to realize, at some point, that it wasn't true?

When do you think we showed them that this was a fallacy? That once again Hollywood was tricking them. Do they know it instinctively? Do they somehow believe the women with them are their own personal porn stars? Somehow I doubt that. I am curious about your thoughts on this one. Please do share!!


secret agent woman said...

Maybe because all the real men also have normal, flawed bodies?

Wicked Shawn said...

But this is my very problem, the men of porn are never the beautiful chiseled bodies we see in the Calvin Klien or Abercrombie ads, they are the Ron Jeremy's, the sub par men, below average guys who we would not glance twice at in a crowded room. Thus bringing me to my question, how do men come to realize that they are not going to find their porn star dream girl, but instead will be better suited with real women.

Phoenixism said...

That'a a good point. If the men you see portrayed in porn looked like Brad Pitt, etc and were hung like mules, then it would make sense.

But there is clearly a double-standard.

I think it's owing to the fact that in general, men are the primary consumers/fans of porn. Porn buys into the fact that men are the visual consumers of the stuff.

Shawn, try gay porn. From the pictures and ads I've seen, they have some good-looking dudes. Once again, they are selling to the male market, and even the gay male is very visual. If there was a market for hot-looking heterosexual porn male actors, you'd see it, believe me.

Can you believe I must be like 1 of 5 guys on this planet who hates porn? I don't watch it, I don't find it interesting...and I never have, even when I was young. Go figure.

lagunatic said...

Men die younger....and then we get to rule the nursing home.

See? It all balances out in the end.

Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

I think for the women in porn they are hyper sexualized in that all the feminine body traits are taken to the extreme end of the female signal.

Men are slightly different. They do the same thing for cock size, but also the ability of the cock to perform on demand is a big thing which is how Ron Jeremy gets so much work.

I don't watch tons of porn, but most of the men in the older stuff seems to be "anyone with a big cock that can keep it up", while the newer porn seems to be "hard bodies + big cock + viagra".

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I've been watching the wrong sort of porn. Go on something like Brazzers.com and you get all the same hypersexualized women but you also get hypersexualized men. I'm only a little bi, but there are times where those abs and huge cocks have me drooling almost as much as those hot porn star asses and big fake tits.

Wicked Shawn said...

@Cold Shower-Gay porn is where all the hot guys are but it doesn't provide the stimulation I am looking for, *sigh*. I am surprised you don't watch porn, but then, a bus ride is porn for you, so, it makes sense. ;)

@Lagunatic-Fuck waiting for the nursing home, that's not balance, that's bullshit!

@Athol-those aren't above average cocks, either you've just given away too much personal info or you need to share your porn with the rest of us so we can see these above average cocks of which you speak ;)

@Meta-Welcome to the Wicked playground that I call home! I will check this site out, maybe even do a review *eyebrow wiggle* You, my dear, are a welcome addition!

Elly Lou said...

I think I need to steal your line "leaks natural lubricant" and add it to my bio.

And I'm with most of the commentors, most of the beautiful boys seem to be in gay porn.

I'd love a stellar ass too but I'm not doing ANYTHING for 12 hours. The end.

pattypunker said...

it's the whore/madonna thing. men don't like to think of their wives or the mothers of their children doing the nasty. men need the dichotomy and therefore have created the industry of porn to serve up there whores. mystery solved.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warm welcome. I've hunted you down on twitter so I should definitely be responding more. As an aside, I have no affiliation with Brazzers or its sub sites.. I just happen to like what they do.

rapjack said...

Porn chicks are never satisfied...at least the ones that i've been with....and they can't cook or clean house

Lover of The Wicked said...

Just for the record patty I love thinking of the mother of my kids doing the nasty. But then again, check the name ;)

Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

The way you are trying to bait me and draw my attention Shawn just tells me you are into me. :-)

Pennypenpen said...

ummm. WOW.

all i can think of is "just the tip"
thanks to my wickedest of wicked friends.


Anonymous said...

I think most men want a porn star girlfriend until they have a porn star girlfriend... then they want someone to take out the trash so they can fantasise about a porn star girlfriend again!