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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Ashley Judd and I Have In Common


Well, the first and most obvious, we were both raised in Kentucky.

We both are fairly certain to be brunettes.

She is older than I am, but just barely.

We are both members and staunch defenders of the far left side of the Democratic party. Active ones, I might add, not the quiet ones who just go vote and complain to friends about how other people don't fix things throughout the rest of the year.

We both like Scottish guys.(she married one)

We are both currently furthering our education, much to the confusion of many around us. More so in her case, what with her being a multi-millionaire, but I do still have people asking me why I am bothering since I don't need to further my education to make more than the average woman does in Kentucky. Ummm, yeah, because THAT is my life goal. REALLY??!!

Then there is the Wildcat Factor. (some of you saw this coming....right?)


Yeah, Ashley and I share a deep love of all things University of Kentucky Wildcat related. We read, we follow politics, we can manage to hold intelligent conversation, but none of these things mean we aren't also capable of breaking down the man to man defense benefits verses a zone defense strategy when playing a team like Florida. Or why we are so over the moon thrilled to have players like John Wall and Demarcus Cousins, who have brought fun back to Kentucky basketball. Yes, we are both intelligent women who have full lives, but we drop virtually everything come tournament time to support our boys in blue.

It needs to be said for all who don't know, which I can only imagine is pretty much all of you, that this team is comprised of almost all freshmen. That's right, 18 and 19 year olds. I look at my son and the Irishman who lives in my Basement. I think of how they would react if the entire sports nation was watching their every move. If, like they did to Demarcus Cousins, an entire campus phoned and texted him for 3 days prior to a game because a student had gotten his cell number and distributed it throughout the campus. Yeah, we won that game. In fact, if you watched that whole video, he would be the big guy, who dunked the ball, then turned and made the call me signal. Yeah, I love him. I love that every place they have gone this year they have had huge targets on their backs and they have played with all out guts and smiles. They like one another. It shows when they win and even though they have only lost twice, it showed then, too. I like these guys! Yes, I like basketball, but more importantly, something about this group of guys just has me attached on an emotional level. I want to hug them after every game. Maybe dance with them. Although, not that dumbass dance!


secret agent woman said...

I actually own a KY Wildcat hoodie, given to me by a past love. It's very cozy, although I'm sure people here wonder why I wear it.

(word verification: trust)

Wicked Shawn said...

Oh, I love it!

Elly Lou said...

Wrong boys in blue, babe.

Pennypenpen said...

and let's not forget... ashley judd does the john wall dance too. :-) she rocks on sooo many levels.
it's not a good john wall, but hey, she's ashley judd, good enough!





Paul Wynn said...

Kentucky fans sure are hot! John Wall is a freak of nature. Been watching that boy since high school, KU fans better hope you guys make your free throws!

One of The Guys said...

I watch Kentucky basketball BECAUSE they always show a few shots of Ms. Judd in the stands.

But seriously, I was wicked disappointed they lost. Love John Wall! And who's going to beat the crap out of Duke now?! Damn!