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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Like a Sex Aide, Only I spend More Money on Them

There has been discussion of my shoes here. There has been discussion of my shoes elsewhere. There have been questions regarding the effect of my shoes on my sex life. I have shared a poem and a sentimental tale of a gift given to me. I have shared a story written from me to a love of mine. I have even told a story of appearing in court without panties. I mean, hell, I've practically gone to third base with all of you at this point. So, I figure, you might as well meet some of my shoes. Now look, I have a big shoe closet, (okay, three, actually, yeah, it's true, three closets of shoes, not counting the ones stored carefully in one of those nifty little boxes that slides under the bed) so, I will take it easy on you. Not as if I'm just going to drag ya'll down to Munfordville for a big ol' family reunion. No, I will babystep it for you. Just a few, not even playing favorites. Just a random sampling.

I met these beauties last spring, we dated, walked along the streets of downtown Louisville, became friends. It's a casual relationship, but we always enjoy ourselves when we are together. Say hello to the nice people.

These girls are so lovely, they deserve two views. Sadly, looking at these views, it still just doesn't do them justice. Their gorgeous salmon color and seductive, choker collar effect above the ankle just doesn't come across in the photos. Going to have to take my word for it. H-O-T

I will just let these badass mother fucking shoes speak for themselves.

Oh yes, we met and fell in love at Derby '08 and have never looked back. Ours has been a fairytale romance of dinners, wine and dancing. Special times we have shared, you hold a special place in my heart and on my padded shoe rack.

Sassy, right? The color alone is just begging for spring to come back, as am I. Hello??!!

Oh come on, let's face it, these shoes are begging for a good night of "Detective Novel Role Play"

The dame walked in, looking like her sweater and that lipstick were made of the same wine I took a bath in last night, and now my head was swimming in it again...........

"brownchickenbrowncow" *props to Karlis*

So, now you have had a few preliminary introductions. Nothing too formal or fancy. I didn't break out any of the boots. Can you spot the designers in there? There are two pairs. Bonus points if you can spot which pairs of shoes and tell which designers they are.........


Phoenixism said...

Whew, I guess it was only a matter of time, wasn't it?

You seem to have a pair of shoes for every situation and "mood" don't you? I personally like your "bad ass" pair, the 3rd ones down. Did those come with accompanying whip and leather cuffs?

A Vapid Blonde said...

Love them all! I have a shoe issue as well two racks three closets. Ankle straps are super sexy. You make me want to share as well!

secret agent woman said...

Shoes are something I've only recently re-discovered, but I'm also kind of particular about comfort, so I tend toward mid-range heels and nothing super pointy.

pattypunker said...

you have wicked great taste in shoes!

love the black badass ones. love the blue nail polish.

what's the ink of?

Elly Lou said...

*sigh* I share ONE closet with my husband. That's my excuse for wearing practical, decidedly unsexy shoes I guess. That and I walk everywhere. And I've got no fashion sense. I'm more of an orange sneakers with stripey socks kind of gal. (You know...with panties.)

Wicked Shawn said...

Cold Shower- I bought the whips and cuffs seperate ;-)

AVB- TYVM, I am very proud of them! This is just part one of a series. You should definitely share yours too!!

SA- I don't do uncomfortable. It has to look smoking hot and be something I can stroll the streets or dance all night in, every shoe featured has seen a shopping trip, walks downtown or evening out, I am not "that girl" who leaves the bar shoes in hand.

Patty- Thanks for the shoe love! The blue is pretty cute, huh! I like to change it up a little every once in a while. The ink is eyes, green, drawn for me by my tattoo artist. Special meaning. One of the 3 I have.

Elly- I love your tennis shoe, stripey sock, panty wearing self just the way you are *sigh* We can't all be divas. You are Wicked in your own ways!!

Pennypenpen said...

i got nothin. :-(


Pennypenpen said...

well. i do have something. those black ones are some bad ass mother fuckers.


Stephanie said...

Loving the bad-ass black ones! I'm 5'11 and up until about 5 or 6 years ago I always wore flats because I didn't want to tower over people. Then I decided that it wasn't my fault that everyone else was a midget and started my collection of kick-ass heels, wedges, stilettos, etc. I don't even have flat flip-flops!

PS - no clue which ones are designer - but if you wear size 9 and ever want to get rid of the salmon or black ones, just let me know :)