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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wicked Tough Decisions

One of the questions from last night was "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Which I answered with complete candor, I fully believe we should all strive to retain a little bit of the child in us. The ability to be amazed by the world around us. Which, in essence was my answer to the anonymous questioner.

Upon pondering the question during my downtime today, which I had a shit ton of, I realized I still want to be a rock star when I grow up. Not literally, as I possess no musical talent. There is one song I can sing that drunk people really love to hear repeatedly, not karaoke, mind you, but with an actual microphone and stuff (Lover of All Things Wicked used to be lead singer for a band) But, no, I just mean I want to see my name in lights, all glittery and Vegas like, with throngs of people wanting to stand near me, take pictures with me. I could so live like that. Or not.

I also could live quietly just outside of Paris with frequent and very expensive trips to the city for shopping. Hosting visitors from around the world and having elegant dinner parties. Yes, that would work, too. I could totally pull it off, I am a wicked good cook.

Selling a few pieces of my artwork, ya' know, instead of letting them gather dust and create more work for me when spring cleaning time comes around. That would be good. Great. Fan-fucking-tastic. However, I am pretty sure you have to, oh, I don't know, hint around that a piece is for sell or not act like someone just made fun of you when they say they love something. Maybe not immediately telling "the aunts" they can have everything they say they like would be good, too.

Then there is my writing. A finished novel. It sounds so much more impressive than it is when it just sits. I have a blog. Ooooo aaahhh. I write every day to make sure I maintain some discipline. Wow, aren't you really something.

My mother pointed out to me today while we were sitting watching them pump the last of the toxins into my dad that she was 4 years older than I am now when she finished her nursing degree. Her point being, if I really want to make some changes, I have ample time to do so.

So, I think I am going to hone that fucking song and become a one hit wonder! Glitter me up bitches!! Here I come!! Check out the cover of the one song CD.....


patty punker said...

brilliant idea! can i be the bass player? i can so rock out (in my own mind). when i put one leg up on the speaker and pluck the guitar rhythmically like i'm fucking, it's intense. yeah, i tear it up.

ps: that cover pic is luscious.

Jana said...

A rockstar huh? That totally goes with your personality so no surprise there. I say live your dream no matter what.
When I was young and would be asked the same question, though I would say something smart and predictable; inside I had this romantic image of being a writer living somewhere beautiful and creating beautiful work.

Miss Spoken said...

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up but I totally know what I want to be in the event that I am reincarnated:

I'd be an alcoholic midget stripper named Lollipop. I'd work the carnival circuit. I'd fall in love with a TB carrying clown. Life would be hell but the rides would be free.

Have I said too much?

Phoenixism said...

You could always be a rock star novelist. Think of it.

Funny thing, I've always wanted to be a roadie...hmmm!

Elly Lou said...

Damnit. I swear I had something witty AND profound to comment with but that Miss Spoken kicks my ass every mother fucking time. I think I pulled something in my left tit from laughing so hard.

Hugs and high fives to your dad.

I play a mean cowbell, just in case you need one. Who am I kidding - EVERYONE needs more cowbell.

Pennypenpen said...

i figure if i don't grow up, i don't have to decide what i want to be.



secret agent woman said...

There was a woman in my program in grad school who had started at 50. There's definitely time.

Pennypenpen said...

and... i can't wait to download your one hit. :-)
i'll make it my new ringtone. LOL

p.s. lunch tomorrow... 12 or 1 ish? i'm so drinking.

Wicked Shawn said...

@Patty-Bass player, check!

@J-after I tour the world with my bass player and 1 roadie, I will buy a chalet just outside Paris and write my memoir. It will change the world!

@Spoken-I thought I was the reincarnation of Mae West, turns out the catty slut was still alive when I was born. WTF??!!

@Cold Shower-You're hired!

@Elly-Need a massage? hehe!
I totally told them they need a cowbell!!

@Pen-Tru dat.
Lunch has to be at noon, Cats at 1, gotta watch my boys, ya' know!

@SA-Don't really feel a time crunch at all, just the indeciveness that is out of character for me.