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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Wicked Heads Up

Wanted to give all of my beautiful darlings (that would be you) a quick heads up (that would be advance notice) that my technologically challenged ass is attempting to move this sweet little bitch of a blog to a wordpress format on my own little privately owned site, where, at the suggestion of others, I will sell my soul to "the man". Well, hell, better than the first suggestion, which was, as per the usual, merely selling him some bits and pieces of the goodies. What with the bad economy and all.

Anyhow, so far I have managed to import all of the posts and comments without removing any of my hair or gouging anyone else's eyes out, which is quite an accomplishment, again, I am a writer, not a computer savvy girl. Don't doubt me on this, I can prove it.

It's a shame all of the themes and such for every single blog host site seems to suck ass as if they were trained by a pro, I am not promising anything spectacular, I do promise it will be a little easier to read, supposedly it will be easier for me to use (again, these fuckers don't understand the handicap I am dealing with, they assume ownership of a laptop implies knowledge, dipshits) Time will tell. At any rate, it will not hinder me from doling out Wicked rants, advice and posting Wicked Wednesday's Q & A, so be sure you ask some questions in formspring. I promise to hit the bottle and answer them for you. ;-)


Aunt Juicebox said...

Ugh, good luck with moving your site. Let me know the new url.

Pennypenpen said...

yeah. good luck with that.


Phoenixism said...

Awesome, good luck with the move Shawn.

I've been using Wordpress since Sept, 2008 (I had a previous blog which gracefully retired after one year) and I learned absolutely nothing useful. But I'll still be glad to give you a deer-in-the-headlights stare to any questions you might have.

pattypunker said...

i hear ya, sista! before you do too much on wordpress, i almost dread saying this to you, make sure you do it on wordpress.org not wordpress.com. you have to buy a domain and self-host with wordpress.org. then you will have freedom to sell out to the man. (not that i can figure out how to get ads on my new site).

use this group to do your free setup (tell em i sent you):

and read this doc to know the diffs between wordpress.com and .org: http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/self-hosted-wordpress-org-vs-free-wordpress-com-infograph/