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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wicked Wednesday Q & A

Happy St Fucking Patrick's Day!

Let us begin tonight's questions. I must say, I am verrrryyyy disappointed in my Wee wicked Ones, we have a mere 4 questions tonight. *sigh*

Alas, I will answer them with Wicked candor........

Wicked Question #1 Some friends of ours are trying to get us to go to a swing club with them and try out the lifestyle. Advice? Well, my dearest, so many thoughts dance through my head right now. Of course, having an overwhelming urge to go to Burning Man this year, where I would take tons of Ecstasy and no doubt engage in swinging activities myself, I may be somewhat skewed on this topic(totally kidding family members who might accidentally happen upon this, or not *ahem*)Then there is that whole bizarre Eyes Wide Shut swingers thing, which was really creepy and I never really understood and I am fairly certain is the real reason Tom and Nicole broke up, not the swinging, just the crappy movie. Then there is this:
Truly happy couple
Ugly Girls Pictures!
But, seriously, if you are BOTH ok with the concept, then it is your relationship to do with what you wish. I will point out one thing, the fact that you didn't jump at the chance and instead paused to seek advice from a blogger, even though it is an obviously brilliant blogger such as myself, makes me think maybe one of you is a bit more into the idea than the other. This is totally not something you want to enter into one sided. It's not like a good birthday gift idea. Just sayin.

Wicked Question #2 If you could be the best at anything in the world, what would you choose? I would definitely be the best Bond girl ever. That is just so simple it's ridiculous. They go to the coolest parties. Drive the badass cars in the best locations. Daniel Craig. Super sweet guns. Sleuth moves. Plus, they always have the sweetest fucking names on the planet. I want a Bond girl name, for real! Bonus, no one ever forgets a Bond girl. Even if it's the only movie you ever make, I mean, really, Ursula Andress, hello? Why do I even remember her name? That's right, Bond girl. So yeah, I would be the best damn Bond girl ever!!

Wicked Question #3 from pattypunker: what mad skills do you consider yourself having? Well, I am Wicked good with the culinary arts, truth! I do the mom of teenagers thing pretty good, all things considered. I have wild abandon, which, I am learning, is a Wicked good trait and I have to learn to appreciate it more. I also am really good at letting go of the bullshit everyday stuff, not letting it all build up in me, just rant for five and let it go, hella skill, makes life so much easier! I am an artist, some who look at my oil paintings would say I'm mad.....bwahahaha. I can ride a mechanical bull for 38 seconds. Oh yeah, if Ludacris is reading this I can get really low, like all the way to the flo.....that's right....

Wicked Question #4 when you wake up in the morning, do you feel like p. diddy?
Well, first off, it's been a week or two since I woke up in a bathtub. ;-)
Second, I would never rinse my mouth out with Jack, I am more of a "rinse my mouth out with Woodford" kind of girl, Jack is just so low end. Puh-lease! But, clearly this was a cry for a video moment, so here ya go!

It was only four, but they were a good four, hope you enjoyed!!


secret agent woman said...

I've bit seen the video before but if she went straight out with out showering she is going to be mighty ripe by the end of the night. Ugh. And why is she with that skeezy guy?

But more importantly, I have long shared the same theory about why Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had to divorce. Obviously they were too ashamed to look each other in the eye after making that abysmal movie.

Pennypenpen said...

i'm NOT feelin like P. Diddy this morning. fucking irish shit.

and... i happen to know from 1st hand observations, that the queen of wicked is, in fact, an excellent mother.
but i've only eaten her cooking once. however, when asked, the lover of all things wicked did concur about the cooking.


pattypunker said...

that's it, i'm giving you a bond girl name because you are bond girl name worthy, especially with those mad skills:

natalya nectar.

John Smith said...

i have a hard time believe swinging has a positive effect on a relationship. call me a skeptic, but...i just can't see it.

Wicked Shawn said...

SA- According to my daughter, she is with the skeezy guy because she is a Skanky Girl. :)

Pen- Thanks you

Patty- I like it, sounds like I should be dipped in honey and used as bait!

John- Welcome and thank you for commenting. I looked back over my answer to try to discern how you construed my answer to find a postitve endorsement, but, most importantly, you should understand, what you won't find, judgement. So, maybe the lack of judgement led you to assume I was saying swinging was great for relationships. If this is the case, so be it. I am simply not going to sit in judgement of anyone else's choices. They are free to choose, their decision will not harm me or my children.