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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wicked Wednesday Q & A

Yes, whew, it IS still Wednesday!! Damn, this is cutting it close. Let's get down and dirrrrty. Errr, wrong position, I mean post, yeah, post is what I meant. :-) So, here we go with this week's questions:

Are you wearing panties? Well, hello there, diving right in this week, aren't we. Yes, I am currently wearing panties anonymous questioner. But, if it is any consolation, they are very attractive panties.

Have these questions been as interesting as you hoped? Or were you expecting much racier?! I promise this is not a setup, they came to me in this order. Since most of my readers are not men seeking female cyber companions, no, I wasn't expecting men requesting naked pix. I enjoy the back and forth of the questions, whether they are about literature, porn or panties is of little consequence. For the record, there have been some extremely inappropriate ones and to save you the time, yes, I answered them.

What's for dinner? Well, tonight I made a stir fry, tomorrow is lemon pepper chicken breast served on a bed of fresh spinach leaves, topped with fresh mandarin orange slices, some roasted new potatoes and (in honor of Elly) maybe some creamed corn. As usual, thanks again manufacturers of Topomax, I will prepare it, look at it and then leave the room. Asshats!

What do I want to be when I grow up? Child-like. What I am trying to say is why are you focusing on growing up? Enjoy the now, be prepared for your future in the sense of financial planning, but otherwise, just do what you enjoy. Like, what do you want to be tomorrow morning?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Fifteen minutes outside of Paris. Close enough to go there at a moments notice, but not inside the city. Perfection.

Are you having any luck getting the blog moved? Oh don't I just wish that was a matter of luck. I am making progress. But, it is not a simple thing for me to do since I am trying not to lose any of my content. Grrrrr. Plus, what with the sex scandal, my grandfather being moved from one hospital to the other, my dad has his last treatment(YAY!) tomorrow, blah blah blah, it's just a crazy week. So, short answer, it is moving, but kind of at a snails pace.

Do you miss your friend Penny? What the hell? Did I lose her??? bwahahaha yes, she calls me but then she doesn't answer her phone when I call her back, the bitch!!!

On days you don't feel so wicked, what do you do to pick yourself back up? Oh dear, those days. Well, sometimes I just curl up with my laptop and bury myself in bloggy goodness, exploring other people's humor and trials and tribulations and ruminations and tweet with hilarious people who live in other states or other countries. Some days I call a good friend and drag my ass to lunch and laugh until we are both crying tears of happiness that we got together and visited for a while. Other times I just stop myself early on and remind myself how lucky I am to have the choice to be miserable when I wake up because I WOKE UP. Sometimes I call He Who Loves All Things Wicked and he tells me he loves me. Sometimes my 17 year old throws me over his shoulder like I am a rag doll and makes me laugh. Sometimes I just look in the mirror and laugh at my monstrous nose. Then I remind myself that I must love it because it looks so fucking cute on my daughter. Sometimes I crank up some really lively tunes and dance and sing until I can't feel my legs but I'm sure I feel better. All of this is leading to one thing. I control it, as do you, I can wallow in it or I can choose to move myself past it. It's just a day.

That's it for tonight boys and girls. I will be away for a good portion of the day tomorrow. Please do leave your comments and I will moderate as soon as I get home. I will also make my rounds to all of you when I get home.


Jana said...

Wow you make the most common things sound interesting somehow.
I would love to live just outside of Paris too!!!

Phoenixism said...

God be careful with that move. I'm sure you backed everything up but you absolutely cannot lose all this wicked goodness :)

Pennypenpen said...

if you move to France, I'm so coming to visit.

for a month.


p.s. rumor has it your friend penny will be in town this weekend, and desperately needs lunch and a drink with the queen of all things wicked.

Ry Sal said...

what do you mean you are "away for most of the day". You can't leave us HERE! sigh....

Wicked Shawn said...

J- Life is what you make it, when living in the middle of Kentucky, you learn to make the simple things in life exciting, or, you drown in the minutia.

Cold Shower- I did back up, I am working to preserve. besides, the Wickedness lies within me, not the confines of this blog!

Pen- Lunch, tomorrow, the usual place, bring the boy, it's a date!!

Ry- I'm ba-a-a-ack!

patty punker said...

i'm welling up over your answer to what do you do to pick yourself up on days you're not feeling the wicked. let me just say, you are the bloggy goodness!

i'm sorry you've lost your appetite for food, but we can always drink ridiculous amounts of wine. and i think it must be a blast when your 17-year old throws you over his shoulder.

i want to eat dinner with you, party with you, and dance my ass off with you.

ps: i never noticed your nose, silly girl. all i see is how hawt you are.

secret agent woman said...

What, you don't eat the food you cook?